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Medieval embroidery, a Viking exhibition and a few new things from the workshop

This summer I visited Uppsala cathedral, a magnificent church from the 16th century. I have wanted to go there for a long time, not just for the cathedral itself, but it hosts one of the finest collections of medieval embroidery in Sweden. Most of… Continue Reading “Medieval embroidery, a Viking exhibition and a few new things from the workshop”

Tablet weaving and other nice things

It has been a long time since my last post. I can’t say that I am short of time quite the opposite. Like many people during this pandemic, I spend most of my time at home and meet few people in real life. Thanks… Continue Reading “Tablet weaving and other nice things”

Craftmaking in a TROUBLED TIME

The last months have been like nothing else in our lives, with a raging pandemic that affects the whole world. In a way, it connects us all in a new way, at the same time as we are more isolated than ever before, with… Continue Reading “Craftmaking in a TROUBLED TIME”

From the bench in March

In this very special time with Coronavirus epidemic at least one thing is positive: when you have better stay indoors you have plenty of time for crafts.  I walk every day in my wonderful forest along the lake Mälaren. It is not spring yet… Continue Reading “From the bench in March”

Textile exclusively

This blog post will be about textile exclusively. In my world, there is so much interesting going on about textile so I have to tell you. It seems that textile art is becoming gradually more recognized as important and relevant, at least from my… Continue Reading “Textile exclusively”

October textile and jewellery

Autumn has arrived early this year with lots of rain and the leaves are already falling off after an outburst of autumn colours. Time for walks in parks in Stockholm and time for indoor activities like craft making! One of the last days in… Continue Reading “October textile and jewellery”

Back to Vinterviken, creative embroidery and a little webshop

Now in September, I had another weekend at Vinterviken gardens. Exciting to show my jewellery and nice company with the shopkeepers at the craft shop who run the craft shop as volunteers. Marie Oredsson is a fine potter and textile artist, take a look… Continue Reading “Back to Vinterviken, creative embroidery and a little webshop”

Late summer

Summer months pass quickly and now it is already August. Late summer. In July I visited the beautiful county “Värmland” in the west of Sweden. Together with four very dear old friends (in fact from my teens) we hired a small cottage for a… Continue Reading “Late summer”

Midsummer thoughts

There have been midsummer celebrations, that as usual we have shared with friends in the Stockholm archipelago. My grown-up children have spent all their childhood midsummers there and we keep up with the tradition. Lots of food and people around a big table in… Continue Reading “Midsummer thoughts”

Guest crafter at Vinterviken and Stockholm in its prime

A weekend in May I had the opportunity to be a guest crafter at Vintervikens organic gardens close to Stockholm. It is a nonprofit organization with a beautiful garden, a vegetarian cafe and a craft shop among other things. It is so nice; if you are in Stockholm pay it a visit! Now I got […]

Easter crafts and my new bench buddy

Spring is early this year and the cherry blossoms have started since a couple of weeks, even in my own backyard, beautiful!   I have knitted a sweater “on demand”.  It is my daughter’s boyfriend Simon who wanted a warm alpaca sweater to use… Continue Reading “Easter crafts and my new bench buddy”

Back to Lisbon

Tribute to a city: Last spring I visited Lisbon on a short filigree course but stayed only four days and got just a glimpse of this beautiful city. So now I returned in late February and early March for two weeks. The plan was… Continue Reading “Back to Lisbon”

January silversmithing and Fair Isle knitting

Christmas has passed. I had made a silver pendant with an oak leave motif (our family name) for my daughter wich was much appreciated.       I got a few tumbled stones as Christmas present and it is new to me to work… Continue Reading “January silversmithing and Fair Isle knitting”

Autumn leaves

This colourful month I have been inspired by the autumn in the forest. Walking, picking fungus and breathing the fresh cool air gave me impressions that resulted in a couple of weeks of intense stitching. This is some of what inspired me:    … Continue Reading “Autumn leaves”

Lapis lazuli, amber and blue silk

Whilst autumn is slowly setting in, I have been busy with a few new items. Another amber ring, this time a little thicker silver and some small balls soldered on. My old torch had started to leak gas ( scary) so I bought a… Continue Reading “Lapis lazuli, amber and blue silk”

A trip to Amsterdam and the Hague-the city of peace and justice

Last week I visited a friend who lives in the Netherlands, in Friesland but she came down to meet me in Amsterdam. Together with her two sisters we explored some of Amsterdam and the Hague. I had made these gifts for her and for… Continue Reading “A trip to Amsterdam and the Hague-the city of peace and justice”

A discovery: Swedish blue slag

Recently when I visited a gemstone shop in Stockholm I came across a find. Among all beautiful stones there was an extremely blue one, a colour similar to the sky in fair weather. I was told it is called “Bergslags-slagg” and it is not a… Continue Reading “A discovery: Swedish blue slag”

April- spring is here!

Eventually spring is here with bright sunshine, dry leaves, brown grass and small buds and spring flowers suddenly popping up. On my kitchen window sill seeds are slowly growing to plants. Hope has returned! From the workshop: I have made a pair of ear-pendants… Continue Reading “April- spring is here!”

More silver, threads and yarn

It has been a while since my last post and I have been quite busy with my projects. This very long, harsh, cold and snowy winter has not inspired me to much outdoor activities I am afraid. Colourwise it is a grey time. Note that… Continue Reading “More silver, threads and yarn”

Silver rings, struggling with embroidery and thoughts about textile in history

When I was in London in October I bought an embroidery kit in Victoria and Albert museum. They sell embroidery kits with motifs from their collections, in this case tile patterns from Burlington. I decided to stitch the proper way this time in contrary… Continue Reading “Silver rings, struggling with embroidery and thoughts about textile in history”