Back to Vinterviken, creative embroidery and a little webshop

Now in September, I had another weekend at Vinterviken gardens. Exciting to show my jewellery and nice company with the shopkeepers at the craft shop who run the craft shop as volunteers. Marie Oredsson is a fine potter and textile artist, take a look at her website.

20190914_122116I sold just a few jewels but it was so nice to meet people and talk about crafts. I hope to be back next spring when Vinterviken opens again.

I have found a society for creative embroidery and have been on a first meeting. So interesting! The members are everything from hobby makers to skilled textile artists and the purpose is to promote embroidery as a recognised art form. They have developed collaboration with various museums in Stockholm, this autumn at the Swedish History Museum. We meet there every Wednesday evening and stitch. The current subject is medieval seams and stitches. The society also organizes courses and lectures. I add a link to their website and to the History Museum.

This is the embroidery I have started, inspired by medieval motifs.


And I have finally set up a little webshop take a look! I start with just four items but will add more further on. Webshop





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