From the bench in March

In this very special time with Coronavirus epidemic at least one thing is positive: when you have better stay indoors you have plenty of time for crafts.  I walk every day in my wonderful forest along the lake Mälaren. It is not spring yet but there is no snow and the moss is beautiful. In my backyard, there is some crocus.

I work quite a lot at my bench. Some of the new items can be seen in the webshop. My son who returned from Beijing a few weeks ago brought me a fine polishing motor. He left China temporarily because he was fed up with not being able to go to work. Sweden was then a safe country and since then everything has changed. My son says the situation in Stockholm is far worse than it ever was in Beijing. Strange!

Before everything closed down here my embroidery association started a collaboration with the Museum of Technology in Stockholm. We will later work on the subject “artificial intelligence”.  Our first task was to make something with a connection to various technical innovations from the 20th century.

My object is a radio from 1949. I thought of how technical innovations change how people behave and communicate. ” The family gathering around the radio 1949″.

The Museum of Technology has taken care of the first head office that the Swedish telecommunication company L M Ericsson (now Ericsson) opened in Tulegatan in Stockholm in the end of the 19th century. The actual building is demolished but the luxurious interior is saved. Look at this wonderful mixture of top modern technology and the lavish style of the time. Even the putto has a telephone, of course.

Now, what’ s new from the bench:

If you like, take a closer look at the webshop. That is all for now, take care in these difficult times!

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