Midsummer thoughts

There have been midsummer celebrations, that as usual we have shared with friends in the Stockholm archipelago. My grown-up children have spent all their childhood midsummers there and we keep up with the tradition. Lots of food and people around a big table in the light summer night. I can’t think of a more beautiful place at this time of year.


One thing that surprised me was that the catch of fish in the archipelago has gone down to almost nothing. Traditionally we have a delicious fish lunch on midsummer day. Now we got only two perches from six fishing nets. The reason for this is not only pollution and over-fishing by humans. The main reason is a substantial increase in seals and cormorants. In my youth, we hardly ever saw any seals, and they were said to be on the brink of extinction. And now they are seriously competing with humans for fish. Interesting that not only humans can cause ecological imbalances.

One of the guests is a breeder of Cavalier spaniel and here is a photo of some of those cute dogs.



Back home in my suburb,  with its typical architecture from 1960:s. The concrete houses are not considered to be very picturesque, but around the corner you have nature. We have a nature reserve with walking paths along the lake. Above the lake, there are a few meadows full of wild plants and flowers. There are no grazing cattle to keep them open but they are actually scythed by volunteers a couple of times every summer. Isn’t that nice!

This is close to Stockholm but there are no houses here. Wildflowers from the meadows. The close up is St Johns wort with bumblebee.

From the bench: a pendant with labradorite, a necklace with boulder opal. And a ring with labradorite, one of my favorite gemstones.


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