Knitting before Christmas and a contemplation about time

It is Christmas time, or “the festive season”, or the “yule tide”. The latter is actually Swedish, pre-christian pagan. Funny that it is used in the English language. Anyway it is a busy time and I have been knitting a sweater as a Christmas present. And doing so I have had many thoughts about time. When I stopped working last summer I thought I would have oceans of time, then almost a bit frightening. But the truth is that time is short, and crafts are very time-consuming. And although while working it takes most of your time, you find that without work time is not long enough for all the projects you want to do! If that is a good or a bad thing I don’t know. The resolution for me is to take care about your time and use it well.

20171211_095753 The pattern I found in this little book bought in ” The museum of fishing and smuggling”  in  Polperro. It is one of many small museums in Britain run by volunteers. The fishermen used sweaters called “Guernseys”. The yarn used is baby merino wool, a wonderfully soft yarn that can be machine washed.

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