Thoughts about Tapestry inspired by a visit to Waldemarsudde

Last Sunday I visited one of my favourite museums in Stockholm, “Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde”. If you ever go to Stockholm a visit here is a must! The photo above is from the lovely park that surrounds the museum in autumn colours. Some colour combinations start to “sing” in my mind if you understand what I mean. This was a good start to what was to come. I got a guided tour of the exhibition “Woven Image Worlds” Textile artist Annika Ekdahl creates a world of her own, so full of details that you could spend weeks discovering new things all the time. Simply unbelievable!  She uses a late-medieval tapestry method that allows  such rich and detailed works. The size is amazing, could be up to 3×3 m. One tapestry usually takes a year to complete. The guide said that Annika has thoughts about the similarity between woven tapestry and digital pixels. Hm, interesting.



I have not learnt to weave since it is too complicated for me and requires expensive and spaceconsuming equipment. But how I love tapestry and how I admire skilled weavers. Party I like needlepoint because it looks like tapestry. A few years ago visited “Manufacture des Gobelins” in Paris. There tapestry is woven in the medieval way and I saw wievers in action. It has supplied the French monarchs since Louis XIV. Unfortunately the guiding was in French and I was so sorry  that my French was not good enough to understand more than a small part! Another textile artist that I have admired for many years is the Swedish-Canadian weaver Helena Hernmark. The way she uses colour is remarkable like this details tulips in backlight. Truly inspiring!


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