Welcome to textile and jewellery

Welcome to my website about textile and jewellery. After a long life as a bureaucrat, a civil servant for the Swedish state, I have finally got the opportunity to indulge in my great interest in crafts. My intention with this website is to show some of the works that I have done so far, tell ideas that I have on what I want to do and share thoughts on the significance of crafts today and in the past. But my main ambition is to be inspirational, look what you could do! If I can do it you can!

The two types of crafts that I am most interested in is textile and silversmithing. My textile practise includes embroidery, knitting and making rya rugs. When it comes to silversmithing I have just started with the delicate technique called filigree.

If you should like to buy an object shown here you are welcome to contact me. They are one-off makings and some I have already given away, but we can always discuss options. I may be able to make some objects on demand.

So join me in this wonderful world of crafts!