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Late summer

Summer months pass quickly and now it is already August. Late summer. In July I visited the beautiful county “Värmland” in the west of Sweden. Together with four very dear old friends (in fact from my teens) we hired a small cottage for a… Continue Reading “Late summer”

Easter crafts and my new bench buddy

Spring is early this year and the cherry blossoms have started since a couple of weeks, even in my own backyard, beautiful!   I have knitted a sweater “on demand”.  It is my daughter’s boyfriend Simon who wanted a warm alpaca sweater to use… Continue Reading “Easter crafts and my new bench buddy”

April- spring is here!

Eventually spring is here with bright sunshine, dry leaves, brown grass and small buds and spring flowers suddenly popping up. On my kitchen window sill seeds are slowly growing to plants. Hope has returned! From the workshop: I have made a pair of ear-pendants… Continue Reading “April- spring is here!”

Knitting before Christmas and a contemplation about time

It is Christmas time, or “the festive season”, or the “yule tide”. The latter is actually Swedish, pre-christian pagan. Funny that it is used in the English language. Anyway it is a busy time and I have been knitting a sweater as a Christmas… Continue Reading “Knitting before Christmas and a contemplation about time”